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What Is A Master Key System? And Should My Business Have One?

In an office building you’ll probably find plenty of doors and employees. The owner needs to have access to all areas within the building. In the past before master key systems became commonplace, managers or owners had to carry keys for each office or each door. This often led to them carrying a keyring like in those old classic movies.

In a master system each lock in the building can be operated by its individual key, but it can also be opened using a master key. A proficient commercial locksmith has the ability to assign a master key to each lock while ensuring that each lock can only be opened by its corresponding key.

Apart from producing keys and master keys it is also possible to generate group keys. For example,lets take an office building with two floors, and each floor has eight rooms, which means eight locks. To make access easier a sub master key can be created that can unlock all eight locks on one floor, but will not work on the other floor. In the meantime the master key will still have the ability to open any door in the building. By cutting keys for each floor we can ensure that the locks remain individually configurable while maintaining overall accessibility.

A commercial locksmith can provide assistance to your business by helping you plan the installation of a system that includes master, sub-master and grand-master keys. This particular system can greatly improve the management of your business operations. However it’s essential to consider all vulnerabilities that may arise from using such a system. If a master key gets lost, stolen or ends up in the wrong hands, it could pose a big risk to your business, as it grants unrestricted access. It’s crucial to maintain control over the keys and to know exactly who has access at all time in order to ensure the security of your business.

Maintaining control is essential for ensuring smooth operations within any organization. Having a method to keep track of keys, whether its through a notepad or a software system, can greatly contribute to this goal. Master key system enables identification of any key, allows for the identification of the doors they unlock and facilitates appropriate actions to address the situation. It is highly advisable to establish a policy that covers distribution, returns, deposits and protocols for handling situations involving missing keys or the need, for rekeying.

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