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What Is A Master Key System And Should My Business Have One?

A Master Key is a solution that allows one key to open few locks in the same building. This hierarchical key structure is ideal for managing access in office buildings, hotels and apartment complexes.

It keeps key management simple to reduces the number of keys and improves security by keeping out unauthorized personal from different areas.

The system can be customized to fit specific needs and allowing for a flexible controlled access in the entire areas. For example an office building with many departments and each department has its own secure area so employees should only access areas that relevant to them.

A Master Key will provide these advantages

  • Individual key to each employee will get him access only to his department.

  • Department managers will receive sub master key that opens all doors within their department which allowing them to move freely within their own areas.

  • The building manager holds a grand master key which can unlock all doors in the building and providing complete access to all areas.

A master key in your business offer an outstanding integration of convenience and control which is highly important for the efficient management of any commercial space.

This system enables different levels of access to employees and ensuring that only authorized personnel can access the areas necessary for them.

This system also provides a quick solution for lock change or lock rekey in the event of lost keys and keeping your business secure all the time.

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