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Are Deadbolts Secure?

Adding deadbolts to doors is commonly seen as a high quality approach to improving home security. Nevertheless there is still discussion about the reliability and invulnerability of deadbolts. Can these locks genuinely resist the efforts of burglars?

As we grow older and wiser we learn that nothing is beyond reach. Therefore in theory even the robust locking systems can be vulnerable to prepared and resolute intruders. This raises the question; what measures can we take to safeguard our properties ?

The efficacy of deadbolts in ensuring security

To be honest there are companies that manufacture a wide variety of deadbolts for the market. Each of these deadbolts has its features and ways of operating. Some people believe that using mushroom pins in a deadbolt provides security while others argue that simply installing the deadbolt properly is not enough to ensure security. Considering these viewpoints it becomes clear that door lock systems should form the basis of your security setup. However it’s also important to consider implementing security measures such as alarm systems light sensors and motion sensors to further enhance protection.

So how exactly do deadbolts work? Basically they consist of steel bolts that extend into the door frame ideally reinforced with high quality strike plates. It’s crucial to have these features and use them correctly to ensure your security isn’t compromised. The effectiveness of a deadbolt ultimately depends on factors such as pin quality bolt diameter materials used and any additional features it may have. Deadbolts are a choice when it comes to changing locks because they offer more than a simple doorknob lock. They provide resistance against forced entry and drilling. Therefore it’s important that deadbolts are made from top grade materials and have bolts to effectively secure the door at the strike point.

It is recommended to choose a known brand and our Locksmiths are here to provide guidance. It is also important to take into account the lock grading system established by organizations and select locks with high security rankings. Additionally it is crucial to focus on the quality and durability of strike plates. Of opting for two screw strike plates consider using heavy gauge strike plates that come with four long screws. Ideally longer the screws ( around 3 inches) the better! Long screws not secure the strike plate to the door frame. Also attach it firmly to the wall.

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