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Are Deadbolts Secure?

Adding deadbolts to doors significantly improves your home security by providing an extra layer of protection against unauthorized entry. 

These locks are highly resistant to break ins and offer safer environment for homeowners. 

Deadbolts operate independently from the doorknob and require a key or a keypad code which make them an excellent security element in home.

How exactly do deadbolts work?

These locks contain a solid metal cylinder which is called bolt and that bolt goes into the door frame through a strike plate. 

When turning the key inside of a deadbolt lock the bolt moves vertically from the door into a slot in the frame making unauthorized entry impossible without the correct key. 

The strength of a deadbolt comes from the depth the bolt extends into the door frame and its resistance to being forced back into the door which makes it a reliable component for your home security.

The American National Standards Institute or ANSI in short, is a grading system for deadbolts and it is a standard measure used to evaluate the security and durability of locks. 

The grading system was developed by the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association and later adopted by ANSI.

In the ANSI grading system there are 3 level of security grades:

Grade 1: The highest level of security available intended for commercial security and heavy duty residential use as these deadbolts stand the most strict testing including the highest number of lock and unlock cycles, door strikes and weight tests.

Grade 2: Offers a good level of security and durability for residential and light commercial applications as these deadbolts are tested to a for less intensive use than than Grade 1 but still provide good resistance.

Grade 3: The lowest security grade and popular for residential use where minimal security is required. Grade 3 deadbolts are the at the lower grade level but still meet basic standards for security and durability.

Where should you install deadbolts?

Deadbolts should be installed on all exterior doors including front and back entries to upgrade home security. Choose high quality grade 1 or 2 deadbolts that extend at least one inch into the door frame which will provide strong resistance against forced entry attempts.

Can a deadbolt lock keep my home safe?

A deadbolt lock can significantly upgrade your home security and in contrast to spring bolt locks which can be easily compromised with simple tools like credit cards, deadbolt locks provide a higher level of protection.

Deadbolts are more resistance against forced entry attempts like kicking or shoulder slamming and for optimal home security we recommend to use a high quality and properly installed deadbolt with other so extra security measures like sturdy doors and a home alarm system as no lock can guarantee 100% protection against break ins.

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