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All About Remote Keyless System

A Remote Keyless System also known as keyless entry is a technology that allows car owners lock and unlock the car doors and sometimes start the engine without using a key. This system operates with a key fob that sends a radio frequency signal to a receiver unit in the car when a button is pressed. The convenience of this technology improves driver experience.

The History of Remote Keyless Systems

The origin of remote keyless systems can be traced back to the early 1980s and the first systems used infrared signals and were introduced by luxury cars.

These early systems had some limitations such as the requirement of a direct line of sight between the remote and the receiver.

The technology evolved quickly and by the late 1980s radio frequency systems replaced infrared systems and significantly improved the range a remote keyless entry could preform.

This transition marked as a very important moment in automotive technology which made the foundation for the advanced keyless entry systems we see today.

How Does a Remote Keyless System Operate?

A remote keyless system is operated by a fob that communicates with the car receiver in the vehicle through radio waves. When a car owner presses a button on the fob it sends a signal to the car receiver that activates the requested action if the code matches like unlocking the doors or starting the engine.

This system relies on encrypted signals to prevent unauthorized access and some systems also support proximity based operations where the car unlocks automatically when the owner approaches.

What are the disadvantages of keyless entry?

While offering lots of convenience Keyless entry systems come with some risks as well and there are some issues like:

Security Risks

Keyless entry systems can be hacked through techniques like signal amplification and relay attacks where thieves can intercept and duplicate the signal from a key fob to unlock and start a car without physical access to the key.

Dependence on Batteries

Keyless entry fobs rely on batteries which can die unexpectedly and potentially lock you out of the car.

Higher Replacement Costs

Keyless entry fobs are more expensive to replace than traditional keys because of their advanced technology and the need for programming. Losing a keyless entry fob requires a visit to a dealership or calling a locksmith for a replacement.

Accidental Unlocking

It’s easier to accidentally unlock your car without realizing it especially if the key fob is inside your pocket and buttons are pressed unintentionally. This can lead to security risks such as leaving your car unlocked without noticing.

Signal Interference

External radio interference from other wireless devices can sometimes prevent keyless entry systems from working properly. Car owners may experience difficulty unlocking or starting their car because of these interference.

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