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All About Remote Keyless System

A remote keyless entry lock eliminates the need for a key to enter a building or vehicle. This clever system uses a keypad located near the drivers door handle where you need to enter a numeric code to gain access. If you’re looking for an effective keyless entry system feel free to get in touch with us.

Origin Story of the Remote Keyless System

The remote keyless system was first introduced in 1980 with its debut in Fords Thunderbird and Lincoln town car. Initially known as the Keyless Entry System it later got re-branded as SecuriCode. This system featured a keypad installed above the driver side door handle. Nissan adopted this technology in 1984 for their Nissan Maxima and Nissan Fairlady brands. In France a handheld transmitter operated remote keyless system emerged in 1982. It wasn’t until 1989 that it became available in the United States through General Motors.

How Does a Remote Keyless System Operate?

A keyless entry remote system includes a radio transmitter with a range ( 5 to 20 meters) for the car to work properly. When you press the button it sends encrypted signals using radio waves to a receiver that controls the locking or unlocking of the door. The system lets you know its working by producing a sound and flashing the headlights.

Security Aspects of the Remote Keyless System

Even though a keyless ignition system does not directly improve security its convenience and the ability to quickly locate your vehicle among cars make it quite appealing. While the functional aspects of these systems may appear similar across car brands there are differences that exist. One concern is that despite the security measures that require a connection between a transmitter and receiver to access the car. Certain brands can be deceived into thinking that the remote is nearby. This could potentially be exploited by carjackers emphasizing the need for security measures in vehicles equipped with entry systems.

Smart Locksmith offers Keyless Entry System Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Are you having trouble with your entry system. Can’t seem to find a solution?. Maybe you’re thinking about installing an entry system in your vehicle? Get in touch with our auto technicians for a long term solution to your needs. We have expertise in understanding how keyless entry systems work with car brands and models so we’re well equipped to handle various situations effectively.

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