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Keyless Entry Option For business

Is your business still relying on traditional locks in these modern times?

Are you constantly dealing with problems caused by lost keys?

If that is the case think about the amount of productivity lost each time a person was locked out. These days many companies are moving to keyless entry technology which improve convenience and security while not only eliminating the risk of lockouts but also keeping a record of everyone who entered their premises.

There are many types of keyless entry locks to choose from and here are the most common ones:


Keypads whether they are electronic or mechanical provide a keyless entry to a building by entering a code. This option is perfect for companies that need to grant access to a large number of employees. 

It comes in handy during nighttime when dim lighting can make handling keys quite challenging but there is a small drawback that if the entry codes aren’t regularly updated a former employee might still have access after being laid off.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems function by enabling individuals within a building to use audio and video for the purpose of recognizing and granting access. This specific solution is preferred in institutions where it may not be practical to provide codes to occasional visitors.


Biometric systems make use of fingerprints, eye scans or face recognition to provide access. These intelligent locks are highly advanced and while keys can be lost or stolen but our fingerprints are always available, never change and are are very unique.

Key Fobs

Key fobs serve as tokens that once scanned by a fob reader positioned near the door transmit data to the server and unlock the door. 

They offer an option for restricting access to doors only with designated fobs. When an employee leaves the company he must retrieve his fob and if not it a fob canceling process is required.

Choosing the right keyless entry system for your business depends on its own unique environment and strict requirements. Commercial and industrial keyless lock systems installation require the expertise of a professional locksmith.

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