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How to Handle Common Lock Problems?

Don’t let issues with your locks become a cause of frustration or compromise your security. Nowadays there are solutions for most lock problems including the option to upgrade to highly effective new security door locks. Are you considering replacing your locks? If you have concerns about the quality of your locks and want security it might be worth considering a lock change. There are options to choose from including traditional deadbolts and we’re here to help you make the right decision. However keep in mind that replacing the locks may not always be necessary unless the mechanism is completely damaged. So take a look at your locks identify any issues or signs of wear and find the solutions.

Most Lock Problems Can Be Solved With Repair

The severity and resolution of problems can differ from one case to the other. However it’s essential to understand that even a minor security concern deserves attention. It’s crucial to keep in mind that one vulnerable entry point in your home is all it takes for intruders to enter. So why give them the chance?

Do you struggle to insert the key in your door locks?

Is it difficult to turn the key? Your lock probably requires some lubrication. Keep in mind that all locks can be affected by weather and other elements. They might freeze, get dirty or gather dirt, which can cause them to become stiff.

Does the cylinder rotate with your key?

It might be a little bit loose. If the screws that hold it in position are not tightened enough the cylinder will start rotating. That means, you need to tighten these screws.

Are you unable to lock the door because the latch bolt hits the wall?

There could be two explanations. Firstly it’s possible that the door is not properly aligned. Make sure it is in the position and ensure that the hinges are tightly secured. Secondly the strike plate may not be properly aligned with the latch bolt. Check for any missing screws. Replace them if necessary. It’s important to attach the strike plate to the door frame using screws. If they are loose tighten them up.

Did your key snap in the lock?

When dealing with old keys, it is not uncommon for them to break and need replacing. In these situations, it is vital to start by removing the broken key from the keyway to ensure a successful and hassle-free replacement process. Paying attention to this initial step will help prevent any potential problems and guarantee a smooth transition to the new key.

Is the doorknob loose?

To secure your door follow these steps:
first, loosen the screws, next, turn the knob until it tightens, finally – retighten the screws. If you’re unable to lock the door from the inside, it is possible that the doorknob is still loose. In such case it may be worth considering replacing the entire door lockset.

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