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How to Handle Common Lock Problems?

Don’t let lock issues cause you unnecessary stress and frustration and absolutely don’t let is compromise your security. 

There are many solutions for almost all lock and key related problems including the option of upgrading to new high security door locks.

Sticking Locks

It can happen because of heavy dirt inside the lock, misalignment and a massive usage.

  • Clean the lock with a lock lubricant.

  • If it’s a misalignment issue realign the lock and the strike plate.

Key Turns But Doesn’t Unlock

Old locks can have some broken internal parts.

Key Is Broken Inside Lock

Sometime when your key is bent it can get stuck inside the lock and if you apply too much force to get it out it can snap and break inside the lock.

  • Use needle nose pliers or a broken key extractor tool to remove the key.

  • If your key is bent use a spare one or replace it.

  • Lubricate the lock to prevent future sticking.

Lock Is Frozen

Below zero weather can cause the lock to freeze.

  • Use a lock deicer or gently heat the key with a lighter before inserting it into the lock.

  • Do not use water or any moisture as it can make things even worse

Deadbolt Is Stuck

It can happen because of the bolt and strike plate are not inline or debris inside the hole in the frame where the bolt goes in.

  • Adjust the strike plate for better alignment.

  • Clean the hole in the frame from any wooden sawdust.

Loose Doorknob or Handle

Loose screws and damaged parts are the main reasons for this problem.

  • Tighten the screws on the doorknob or handle.

  • If other parts are damaged replace it completely.

Latch Doesn’t Catch

It can happen because of misalignment of the latch and the strike plate or perhaps the latch spring is broken.

  • Adjust the strike plate and the door hinges to ensure the latch catches properly.

  • If latch spring is broken replace the entire part.

Electronic Smart Lock Issues

Low battery, poor installation, wrong settings or connectivity issues.

  • Replace the batteries.

  • Check and adjust settings.

  • Reinstall the lock app.

  • Make sure proper connectivity with your wireless systems.

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