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Tips To Protect Your Home While On Vacation

When you go on a vacation it’s really important to make sure your home is secure. The holiday season around Christmas can be risky for break-ins. But don’t worry! With some planning and help from our side, we can ensure that your home is well protected and secure during the holidays.

Here are some practical tips to keep your residence safe while you’re away:

Create the Illusion of Occupancy

One way to create the illusion of a house that is occupied, by using timers to turn the lights on and off at fixed intervals. Moreover having a parked vehicle in the driveway can act as a deterrent too.

Avoid Broadcasting Your Absence on Social Media

Social media is a tool for staying connected with the world. It is important to be cautious about sharing too much information that could potentially assist criminals in determining your absence. Take advantage of the privacy settings on your social media profiles to restrict access to your vacation related posts reducing the likelihood of attracting attention.

Have Somebody Regularly Check Your Home

Arrange for a friend, family member or a neighbor to visit your home regularly. You can give them a spare key so that they can check if your light timers are functioning, collect your mail, and even maintain your yard to create the illusion of an occupied house. Make sure to share your contact details with them in case of any emergencies.

Secure Your Valuables Effectively

Make sure to store items like jewelry, important documents, and family heirlooms in a fire proof safe. This additional security precaution will ensure that your cherished possessions remain protected until you come back.

Minimize Risk of Accidents

Before leaving, it’s a good idea to unplug any essential electronics, and shut off the main water supply. Additionally make sure to clear out any items from your fridge to avoid unwanted surprises.

Following these precautions can significantly lower the risks, and it might be worth to consider having a locksmith examine. Upgrade your door and window locks, especially those that face the outside ensuring they are both effective and in proper working condition.

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